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Our partners and the main project developers who start on the DECA Project.

Thanks for the support!

Decentralized Climate foundation.

Governance and legal assistance

The Decentralized Climate Foundation (DCF) is a non-profit organization based in Mexico City which supports decentralization of environmental and social projects. We believe open governance of projects through decentralization will provide transparency and trust.

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Decentralized Science

Research and decentralized tech.

The Decentralized Science Project is an open collective group which develops free and decentralized technologies with a non profit perspective. The goal is to give an open consensus and science debate. By dedicating itself to the development of public goods and promoting an open, egalitarian platform for scientific exploration and education, Decentralized Science is reshaping how scientific inquiry and innovation are pursued, making it more inclusive, transparent, and focused on genuine discovery and advancement.

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Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc.

Project Funding

Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc. is a team of professionals supported by expert scientists dedicated to the development of hydrogen technologies.

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Neetsec International Inc.

Original Developers

NSI is looking to be a step ahead in the field of security systems and modern cryptography to provide solutions against threats into the digital world.

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